Food and Drink Applications Support

Do you have a new ‘world beating’ ingredient, but you’re not sure how to show it to its full potential?

Do you want to steal a thunder on your competitors and show your ingredients in market style products, instead of a bottle, bag or pot?

Too often nowadays, your customers are working with limited resources. Staff numbers have been cut; time is precious. So they are not able to try out your ingredient during demanding schedules. Instead they’ll stick with what they know and your sample will find its way to the back of a store cupboard. Worse still it could be binned. That’s a waste of your time and resource and most of all your reputation.

Let Staniforth Consulting construct a series of demonstrations and product applications to prove the functionality of your offering. Make your customers sit up and take notice; placing your product as a ‘must have’ item in their portfolio. Enhance your appeal as an essential supplier and a vital asset to your client’s team.