Beer & Brewing

With training in brewing technology and having worked closely with breweries in Europe and the U.S.A., we have a track record of assisting in the development of a number of award-winning products.

An innovative approach to beverage development, means that we have persuaded breweries to see beer as an ingredient, in the creation of new and exciting drinks. Staniforth Consulting runs its own brewing kit. On numerous occasions, we have also been given the opportunity to ‘get our hands dirty’ on customers micro and pilot brewing equipment.

If you need a fresh approach to brewing, Staniforth Consulting is more than ready to help.

Take Four (or more) Ingredients...

"Flavour applications technologist, Darren Staniforth, appeals for greater and more professional use of flavours by brewers." This article is reproduced (and updated) with thanks to the Scandinavian Brewers Review...

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